OpenText NFS Gateway


Provide access to NFS resources from Microsoft Windows clients, using Windows servers as the gateway.

By empowering a Windows® server with the functionality of an NFS client and allowing it to share the access to NFS resources with downstream Windows-based clients – OpenText™ NFS Gateway™ turns the Windows server into a software gateway between Microsoft® and NFS networks.

For organizations with light or occasional needs to access file resources on UNIX or NFS-enabled devices, OpenText NFS Gateway is an ideal solution.

OpenText NFS Gateway provides IT organizations with a single point of access control and resource management through tight integration with enterprise directory services, such as Microsoft Active Directory. It offers compatibility, performance, and reliability without requiring software installation on Windows PC clients.

  • Requires no client software on Windows desktops, providing zero installation, zero overhead access to NFS shares
  • Allows IT administrators to centrally control who can access which NFS resources
  • Provides better scalability and fail-over in Microsoft cluster environments
  • Supports Enterprise Directory Services, integrating with LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory with ease