OpenText SOCKS Client


Connect computers across firewalls from one network to another while maintaining the highest level of security.

OpenText™ SOCKS Client is a Windows®–certified security solution that allows you to connect to hosts across firewalls. Without requiring any changes to enterprise applications, OpenText SOCKS Client helps organizations enforce security policy and allow applications to reach legitimate external hosts through simple, centrally controlled rule-based settings.

OpenText SOCKS Client uses the SOCKS industry-standard security protocol (including SOCKS5) which was developed to allow computers on one network to connect to hosts on another network through a proxy.

  • SOCKS: Functions as a SOCKS-based personal firewall on modern Windows 32- and 64-bit platforms
  • Controls access by application, destination host name or IP address, or port range
  • Integrates seamlessly with SOCKS-compliant server solutions, such as BlueCoat® ProxySG